Low-income apartments for clients with mental illness and co-occurring disorders. One-third of these apartments will be reserved for veterans with mental illness or co-occurring disorders.
Supported independent living apartment units with on-site staff. These apartments will have a centralized kitchen and bathrooms. This setup will allow for social opportunities and an increased sense of community.
Counseling offices and drop-in center.
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Sanctuary Centers has been Santa Barbara's leading mental-health nonprofit since 1976, serving adults living with mental illness and co-occurring disorders. Over the years, we identified two primary needs of adults living with mental illness: affordable and supportive housing and preventive health care.

To address these needs, we offer unique comprehensive individualized programs and have served over 10,000 clients since opening. In addition to our 12-bed residential treatment program, we are proud to offer Outpatient Mental Health Treatment, Career Development/Educational Training, a Co-Occurring Disorders Program for individuals diagnosed with both mental health and substance use disorders, and low-income housing.

Goal - To construct a building that will contain the following:

We are currently seeking $6M in funding in order to successfully reach our capital campaign goal. This would allow us to also to build an Integrated Care Clinic that will provide counseling services, a medical/dental clinic, supported independent living, and low-income housing for clients and veterans with mental illness and co-occurring disorders. Every donation, large and small, brings us closer to reaching our goal. If you are interested in becoming a donor, please contact us at 805-569-2785.

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