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Career Development Specialist

Career Development Services

All clients enrolled in any of our Sanctuary Centers programs have the opportunity to work with a Career Development Specialist in order to clarify their short and long term career goals, and develop a customized service plan designed to help them achieve those goals. As active participants in Career Development Services, our clients receive comprehensive and personalized support in both individual and group settings. Services range from employment preparation groups and individual counseling to full-time employment in the local community based on the client’s level of need and desired support. The clients also receive “One on One” vocational counseling and support throughout their participation in vocational and educational programs to ensure that their needs and goals are being met.

Career Development Mission Statement:

Sanctuary Centers strongly believes community integration and self-sufficiency is an excellent way to empower our client’s to gain a sense of control, consistency and purpose in their lives. The overall focus of Career Development Services is to strengthen clients by providing them with the knowledge and resources to gain the training, education, and assistance needed to secure competitive employment in the local community.

Career Development Service Goals:

State and Federal Entitlements/Benefits

Sanctuary Centers understands the importance of financial resources and access to medical care for our clients on their path to independence, especially when they may not be ready for paid employment. We also understand the frustration and confusion that people can experience while applying for entitlements.

Entitlements provide clients with the opportunity to access the monies and medical resources needed to increase their financial independence, self-reliance and have medical care. Entitlements also serve as an ongoing “safety net” for clients that can be carried into the future to ensure a baseline of financial, medical, and housing security.

Sanctuary Center’s Career Development Services offers assistance and guidance around applying for the following state and federal benefits for clients who are interested and eligible:

When assisting clients with applying, Career Development staff educates the client about each entitlement program for which they are eligible. Career Development Staff then assists the client with completing and submitting the appropriate application materials, completing and submitting the required medical documentation and also resolving and clarifying any issues that surface throughout the process.

Once benefits are secured, Career Development staff also educate the client about Social Security's "Work Incentives" so that clients can return to work with a clear understanding of how it will impact their benefits.