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Psychosocial Skills Training Program

“Psychosocial skills training is necessary when solutions to an individual’s problems and attainment of that individual’s desired goals require behavioral skills not currently in that individual’s behavioral repertoire”

Marsha Linehan, Ph.D.

Marsha Linehan’s Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), is the theoretical foundation for Sanctuary Centers' skills training program. DBT was originally developed specifically as a comprehensive treatment for chronically suicidal, self-harming or at risk individuals who act out of a place of impulsivity.

As such, Dialectical Behavior Therapy addresses extremely high levels of emotional reactivity and focuses on teaching skills to regulate emotions. Additionally, DBT teaches skills necessary to navigate relationships more effectively and the concomitant coping skills to use in crisis situations.

The Benefits of Dialectical Behavior Therapy:

Since its original development, Dialectical Behavior Therapy is being effectively used with a broader population including individuals with mood, anxiety, addiction, and thought disorders. DBT is a form of cognitive-behavior therapy combined with the Zen Buddhist concept of mindfulness.

Those who participate in Dialectical Behavior Therapy grow in realizing their potential because they learn to respond more adaptively and congruently to life situations.

What we offer:

The Center for DBT

The Center for DBT outpatient program, offers a number of DBT groups.