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Sanctuary Centers of Santa Barbara was established in 1976 as a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation under the name Sanctuary House of Santa Barbara, Inc., providing Santa Barbara with a residential treatment program for severely mentally ill adults. It began operations as a six-bed facility. Since that time Sanctuary Centers has grown and evolved into a comprehensive community-based array of treatment programs whose unique features include:


At Sanctuary Centers we believe that the quality of our treatment programs reflects our responsiveness to client needs and that recovery is indeed possible for individuals with mental illness. Initially, we assist clients in becoming aware that there is light beyond the darkness and tragedy that these ailments can bring. We also help instill the ideas of empowerment and self-advocacy in each of our client-consumers through a carefully planned set of treatment programs and supportive services. We help clients realize that consumer empowerment is about being able to advocate for oneself and others in a way that is strong and life-affirming. To that end we involve our clients in virtually all of the decisions that affect their lives.

Our treatment programs provide a normalized living environment which significantly reduces the need for further hospitalization, and most importantly, minimizes the onset of chronicity. These treatment programs are designed to meet a variety of clinical needs ranging from intensive, structured treatment to independent living with a minimum of therapeutic supervision and support. All of our mental health services provide the opportunity for individuals to develop independent living and socialization skills and to make use of vocational and educational assistance; these services provide a cost-effective alternative to hospital-based programs. The provision of stable, low-cost housing along with supportive services in the post-residential treatment phase allows for maximum reintegration into the community and independent living.

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