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Sanctuary Centers provides family counseling for clients, couples, and their families.

Mental illness is a difficult and often bewildering experience for the affected individuals and their families. Education and the caring, knowledgeable aid of a highly trained staff can provide support through this difficult experience. As such, family involvement is an integral part of the clients' treatment.

Our emphasis is on education, regarding issues of:

We work to help families resolve ongoing issues and reach a higher level of integration and cohesiveness.


Sanctuary Centers' Multifamily Group emphasizes growth and healthy communication within the family system. Growth takes place through the development of relationships with others that are satisfying, enhancing and validating. Families learn to empathize with other families without losing themselves; allow others to experience the natural and logical consequences of their decisions and actions, and to experience separateness as wholeness. Additionally, all group meetings are structured to help people develop the skills needed to handle problems posed by mental illness.


Our Sanctuary Centers therapists, who have developed an expertise in working with families confronting mental illness, provide a team approach to treatment.