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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What types of therapy/counseling/treatment do you offer?

We offer residential/inpatient treatment, outpatient counseling, substance abuse therapy, family therapy, group and individual sessions as well as career counseling. If you are looking for something specific, give us a call at 805-569-2785 to see if we are currently offering it, as our individual and group therapy schedules changes from month to month.

How can I come in for therapy/counseling/treatment?

Please call 805-569-2785 to speak to a counselor about which program is the best fit for you and/or your family member.

Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately no, we are not able to bill insurance directly at this time, but we are happy to provide you with a super bill at the end of the month that you can submit to your insurance company directly. That said, you should check with your insurance company prior to admission, to any of our programs, to obtain any billing coding you will need as we do not have that information. You should also check with your insurance company prior to admission about reimbursement; some insurance companies provide very little reimbursement, others a bit more.

How many inpatient beds do you have?

We have 12 beds in a 6-bedroom large Victorian home. Clients share a room, two to a room, either two males or two females.

Is it co-ed?

Yes. We usually have six males and six females in the residential program at any given time.

How long to residents stay?

The average length of stay is 4-5 months. We have a long-term vocational and community reintegration component to the program that includes volunteering in the community, taking classes and looking for paid employment that lends itself to the minimum three-month commitment. As the client moves through the program, they begin with a full schedule of traditional therapeutic groups and individual sessions, then transition to independent living skills and heading out into the community at volunteer positions, school, and employment.

Where can clients live after residential treatment?

Most of our residential clients stay in Santa Barbara after graduating the program. We own and operate 36 units of affordable studio apartments with supportive services that are an option if available. Other options include sober living homes and a variety of other apartments in the area. Several apartments are within walking distance of our outpatient center.

Do you have references?

Yes, we are happy to provide you with the names and phone numbers of former clients, parents of clients and conservators. Be sure to also check out our video to see and hear first-hand experiences of our clients.

How do I get my son or daughter to come to residential treatment?

We get asked this a lot. Our program is 100% voluntary so unless your son or daughter is court-ordered or under conservatorship, they can't be forced into treatment. Give us a call at 805-569-2785 to talk about your options, what conservatorship is all about and how to approach your son or daughter about our program or other programs. Even if they never comes to Sanctuary Centers, please give us a call, we're here to help you through this difficult time.

Do you offer tours?

Yes, we offer tours of our residential program Monday through Friday from 10am-3pm. The tour usually lasts about an hour. It begins at our Administration Building where you will meet with the President/CEO or the Clinical Director. They will then take you on a tour of the residential program facility. During this time, our clients are attending programming at our outpatient building so the house will be empty. After the tour, you can drive by our outpatient building about 5 blocks down the road from the residential building to get a sense of where our clients are during the day. We like to think that this mimics real life where you sleep at a house and then Monday through Friday get yourself up and ready to work during the day, leaving home from about 10am-4pm. To protect the privacy of our clients we ask that you do not stop by or go into the outpatient building without an appointment.

What's the average age of your clients?

It varies from program to program. We serve individuals from 18-59 years old. Please call 805-569-2785 for more details.

Do you take credit card?

Yes, but there is a 4% processing fee.

Are there any diagnoses that you don't treat?

Unfortunately, we do not treat clients that are diagnosed with an eating disorder, sexual addiction or gambling addiction as their primary diagnosis. We also, do not treat multiple personalities or dissociative identity disorders.