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Integrated Care Clinic

WHAT IS the Integrated Care Clinic?

Our Integrated Care Clinic will be the first and only medical and dental clinic that brings healthcare to adults with mental illness; identifying and treating risk factors before they develop into chronic conditions. This stigmatized, misdiagnosed and misunderstood population is twice as likely to suffer from preventable diseases including heart disease, emphysema, liver disease and diabetes and statistically only half as likely to seek treatment. Challenged every step of the way in navigating the local healthcare system, these adults are unable to find medical professionals well-versed in the complexities of mental illness, scheduling and attending appointments for preventive care, and following up on treatment recommendations. Ultimately, in most of these cases, they resort to receiving services at the emergency room after their symptoms become chronic conditions.

As of 2013, the County of Santa Barbara has determined that approximately 5,000 current residents are in this position (emergency room visits waiting to happen) and will, without a doubt, develop costly chronic health conditions if unaddressed.

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WHAT the Integrated Care Clinic Will OFFER

Our Integrated Care Clinic will revolutionize services to combat the fact that adults with mental illness are dying far too soon. The clinic will eliminate all challenges to obtaining care by offering:

“Sanctuary Centers’ “The Integrated Care Clinic” program just makes sense. By bringing medical and dental services directly to adults with mental illness, healthcare professionals can quickly identify and treat risk factors before they develop chronic conditions, improving the patients quality of life while saving all of us precious financial resources in the long run. I fully support this program.”

—Mayor Helene Schneider


Our Integrated Care Clinic's total start-up, "Doors Open" budget is $500,000. To date, we have raised $400,000, which leaves $100,000 remaining to fund the Integrated Care Clinic's team of 5 staff positions: doctor, dentist, triage nurse, case manager and transportation staff. These funds are a one-time need because after the Integrated Care Clinic is established, it will be able to become a Medi-Cal, Covered California and private health insurance provider and be able to access benefit reimbursements, ultimately creating sustainability after one year in operation.

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donations up to $100,000

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“In my medical practice I see so many mentally ill patients who have never received the proper medical care and as a result have developed chronic and debilitating health conditions. A clinic of this kind will provide the interventions desperately needed to extend lives and greatly improve the overall quality of life.”

—Dr. Benjamin Gilmore