Dr. Perie Longo, Poetry Therapist

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Outpatient Mental health

The purpose of our Outpatient Mental Health Program is to provide support, education, treatment and a solid foundation from which clients can gain and maintain stability in their lives.

The Outpatient Mental Health Program provides comprehensive services to individuals living in the community. The Outpatient Mental Health Program is fully staffed with a Program Director, licensed clinical therapists, as well as interns and third and fourth year doctoral students.

The services provided:

The Outpatient Mental Health Program consists of a variety of therapy groups—process groups, some using evocative materials, as well as psycho-educational, socialization and therapeutic recreational groups. The program is designed to provide a balance between self-focus and moving outward to enable effective interaction with others and in the community. Our aim is to invite clients into a safe arena that will enable them to do the personal work necessary for accessing more of their potential as they move in the world.

Our program runs weekly. View our current group offerings and group descriptions.


Peer Mentoring Program:

Peer Mentoring is an evidence based form of mentoring that has proven to be one of the most effective means of support for individuals experiencing a mental illness with or without substance abuse issues. As such, Sanctuary Centers of Santa Barbara has embraced this method of support so that those who have successfully completed key milestones in the program, and have built a healthy and enriching life for themselves, can have the chance to serve as mentors to individuals who are just starting the program or who have been in the program but feel they could benefit from peer support in a specific area.

Areas of support that our Mentors provide assistance include: seeking and preparing for paid employment, navigating school, building relationships and activities in the local community, independent living skills such as organization, cooking, budgeting, and providing emotional support.

Our Mentors determine the area that they feel most comfortable assisting with based on their skills and experience and staff at Sanctuary Centers will connect mentors with a mentee that can benefit from that mentor’s skills, abilities, and coaching style. Prior to working with a mentee, each mentor is provided a thorough training and orientation period supported by reference materials in addition to ongoing training by phone, email or face-to-face.