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The Satellite Services Program is a continuity of care program, available to any client graduating from Sanctuary House and electing to stay in the Santa Barbara community.

This one-time, prepaid service offers the client a three-month program of weekly one-hour sessions with Satellite Services Program staff.

Satellite Services staff have the advantage of meeting with the client in the community, including the client’s own home, and thus are able to offer a myriad of support and assistance with reintegration into more independent living.

Satellite Services Program staff primarily focus on seven levels of client functioning during initial client sessions. As all clients are different and unique, levels of client focused sessions tend to shift in time as clients adjust to their new living situations.

The Seven Levels of Client Support:


Prior to a client’s graduation a thorough discharge plan is completed. Should a client not graduate the program a discharge plan and a continuity of care plan will be developed with the client and his/her family to ensure uninterrupted treatment.

Additionally, regular and ongoing communication with each client after discharge is maintained by our treatment staff at regular intervals of 2, 6, 12, and 24 months. Thereafter communication will be ongoing with the client on an annual basis.

It is important to note that Sanctuary Centers believes that treatment and relationships do not end at the date of departure; former clients are always welcome to return for encouragement, friendship and a helping hand.